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Online dating websites: must-know tips to succeed

There are hundreds of online dating sites all over the Internet. Some of them are very efficient while others are a scam but all of them are very appealing to men looking for their love online. Online dating can be the only way for you to find your dream girlfriend. However, it is full of pitfalls and might bring you many unexpected surprises.

To avoid disappointment and being trapped, check out these helpful tips on how to use online dating sites, succeed, and find the right woman for you. If you have not been successful in online dating for a while or have never tried it, it’s time to think about how to use it properly and finally reach your goal.

Online dating websites to avoid

Some sites are better not to use and run away once noticing certain red flags. You can never understand where it’s a scam or not from the very beginning. However, you can conduct your research and make sure you are using a reputable online dating provider.

Browse the Internet and see whether this online dating service has certain reviews. Nothing will give you a better understanding of the site than reviews of its real customers. You should be able to distinguish paid reviews and testimonials from real ones.

When there are hundreds of extremely positive patterned opinions, they are most likely fake. Online dating sites should have different feedback. Not all customers should be satisfied and it’s normal. When you find mostly positive reviews and some neutral ones, this is a real site and you can trust it.

It would be quite helpful to see whether an online dating service has overviews written by experts. In this case, you can check how the site operates, what its payment options are, and whether there are certain problems with it without subscribing.

Customer support can also tell a lot about the service you are going to use. Try to contact them through one of the channels stated on the site. If it takes too long or forever to get their reply, then you should avoid such a dating service. Otherwise, if you are scammed or need help in the process of your search, you will hardly be heard and assisted.

Success formula

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Some guys mistakenly believe that joining the best online dating sites would be enough for their success.  A dating site is just a place for you to look for girls though and it doesn’t contribute to your success at all. The unfortunate news is that even on the best online dating site, you will need to put some effort into your success and good results.

There is no magic formula like «send two long messages, three short messages, mix a few compliments, and she is yours». There are some helpful tips though you can stick to and facilitate the process a lot. If you are looking for a foreign bride, you should be especially careful while there are too many cultural differences that might play dirty jokes with you.

Online dating is very popular in Ukraine and girls from that country are the most eligible brides in the Internet scene. Some guys believe they are so hard to approach while others think they are ready to date the very first foreigner. Both statements are wrong though.

The tips below will help you understand virtual dating better and give you at least a basic idea of how to do your best in online dating. Read them carefully and remember that Ukrainian women do not forgive oversights.

Your goal is to meet a woman to date

The number one tip is not to turn into a pro online dater. You are going to date a real woman, aren’t you? So becoming an eternal dater is not your purpose. Don’t forget about your initial goal.

Online dating can be addictive. You feel really flattered when communicating with so many beautiful women. Their profiles appear every day and there are more and more hot ladies daily. You cannot talk and date them all. It is simply impossible.

Once you have met a more or less good lady, arrange a personal meeting to have a real date the soonest. Do not stay on the site pursuing all the beautiful girls forever. You risk staying there until you are old and grey.

Communication matters

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If you think that using an online dating service doesn’t require high-quality communication, you are wrong. Your communication skills play the same role online as they do in real life. Do you struggle with talking to women in reality? Then get ready to have trouble in online dating.

Before joining online dating sites, improve your communication skills. Learn how to make a good impression through letters. It is much easier to write than speak but do not forget you will need to speak in a video chat sooner or later anyway.

Before sending a letter that you might consider a masterpiece, consider the following:

  • look for good online dating conversation starters;
  • avoid sending templates or letters without first names;
  • do not call a woman «honey», «sweetie», «babe», etc., especially in the beginning of your communication; Ukrainian women hate that arrogance;
  • avoid getting too long — no one likes reading novels instead of messages;
  • do not send the lists of questions as if you are interrogating her;
  • avoid such topics as sex, politics, religion, etc., especially in the beginning;
  • do not write requirements in your letters — she is not your wife or girlfriend but just an unknown lady;
  • be witty when possible but remain serious when you have to be — jokes are not always appropriate and you must understand it;
  • do not require her to write to you every single day or reply right after she received your letter — no one owes you anything;
  • avoid setting all kinds of frames to women — this is a turn-off.

Talking on video is important

Now as you exchange messages successfully and do not bore her to death, congratulations — you should get to the next step. Seeing each other is crucial. You will be surprised how your impressions of a face-to-face talk can be different from what you have imagined in letters.

People may not meet your expectations and thus, may differ from how they look in their pictures, might have funny voices, weird manners, etc. Yes, get ready for the situation when you may not like your potential girlfriend after seeing her on video.

Pictures cannot render everything about the person and after getting her letters, you may create a specific image in your head. What you have in reality doesn’t always correspond with that image. Thus, here is a couple of tips on talking on video with your date:

  • before meeting her in person, always have a video-date — you may cancel your trip after it (and that’s especially important if your date lives miles away);
  • do not procrastinate with a video call (if she doesn’t meet your expectations, why waste so much time on communication when you can choose someone else);
  • prepare for your call in advance — think of the questions to ask;
  • avoid leading monologues if you are a chatterbox and do not be silent all the time if you’re a shy person — it should be a dialogue, so get back to the previous tip and prepare beforehand;
  • avoid talking from your bed or bathroom, be respectful and pick a good place and pose
  • look your best (do not schedule a call if you just woke up and look messy);
  • avoid asking her to stand up and show herself — this is total disrespect, especially when dating Slavic women, they won’t forgive such a mistake;
  • wonder how was her day, how she is doing, etc. instead of talking about yourself all the time.

Trust but verify

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Online dating can be tricky and exciting at the same time. You see so many beautiful girls gathered in one place and feel like a bachelor from a self-titled TV-show. You are not a bachelor though and this is not a TV-show. This is real life where you must be careful enough.

Beautiful profiles are great but remember that nine of ten profiles on Tinder are fake. This is an incredible number and you never know who you are talking to. Remember about scammers who want to rip you off at every opportunity.

Do not become too suspicious though while you may simply lose some very good women who wouldn’t like that. However, before sharing your direct contacts with someone or arranging a meeting, make sure this person is at least real and has good intentions.

Of course, spotting a scammer is not that easy and you may never know who is a bad girl but just request a video call and verify whether the person behind the pictures really exists and is who you think.

Do not underestimate red flags, there are hundreds of them in life as well as in online dating. Do not relax too much when meeting a stunning woman who wants to be with you. At first, ask yourself what exactly this lady is attracted to and why you are so special. Do not believe in miracles, especially if you have never been lucky with girls before.

Being successful in online dating may be easier than you think. If you are never lucky with the girls, online dating might be the best option for you. Try to stick to the above-mentioned tips and it should not be a problem for you to find the right girl. Just remember who you are and why you are on that dating site.

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