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Why are discreet encounters a must?

Some people tend to neglect the rules, but sometimes following specific guidelines might even save your life. For instance, if it comes to discreet casual encounters, you would better consider some pieces of advice before you come to a date. Let’s review some most striking free discreet encounters rules to keep being safe and secure throughout a date.

Rules for men seeking discreet encounters:

Rule 1. Never come to a date alone.

You should always come on the first date with someone. It might either be your friend or a family member. We do understand that dating supposes you to have intimate moments, but you should never open up your heart on the very first local discreet encounter. It would be awesome if you are not alone on the first date. Especially, you should come with a family member if you are a Muslim to make sure your date is halal. 

Rule 2. Do not share your financial information.

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The world is not perfect, and there are always some women who want to take advantage of you. Some of them might pretend to be very poor and miserable to make you feel sympathy for them and, of course, give them money. Common people call such women scammers. If you do not want to be tricked, never provide them with your bank account number or pin code. Your financial data must be confidential for everyone.

Rule 3. Run away from pick-uppers.

Seriously. Sometimes it is so complicated to avoid physical contact with a woman who is a scammer that you have no other way than to run away from her. If you feel that she wants to seduce you, you should immediately go away from a date. In some cases, even married women decide to invite you to discreet encounters to take advantage of you and leave you the very next day they have sex with you. You should be smart and never let such women close to you. 

Rule 4. Give her flowers.

Some women might try to manipulate you on the very first date. However, you should not listen to them. You might give her a bouquet of flowers but not more. If she begins to drop hints that she was expecting more from you than just some flowers, you will not feel guilty because, at least, you tried to give her some gift. It does not matter if she likes it or not, but at least, you did your best.  

Rule 5. Meet in public places only.

The number five rule is to always schedule a date in places that are called public. It might be either a restaurant, cafe, or cinema. You should never appoint the first date with her in faraway places like a bus stop, wood, lake, park, and so on. There always should be other people around you. If you want to stay safe and secure, always follow this rule, especially if you meet her for the first time.

Rule 6. Do not live your drink alone.

Some women are very sly, so they might put something in your drink while you are in the restroom. For instance, they might put some slight drug there, and when you drink it and relax, they are planning to use your body the way they want or rob you. So always go to the WC only if the drinks or food is not served yet or when you have already drunk and eaten everything.

Rule 7. Use your own transportation.

Of course, there is a temptation to let her take care of you and pick you up to your home. However, if it is just the first date, you would better drive there by yourself or use public transportation not letting her any data about the place you live. Keep your address in secret because some weird or crazy women might begin to follow you and try to blackmail you if they know where you live.

Rule 8.  Do not drink alcohol.

The first date is not the time yet to celebrate anything. You would better avoid drinking alcohol there. If you do, you might stop controlling yourself, and she might just use you. If she insists on you drinking some alcohol and promises to pay for you, you should resist the temptation and never do that if you do not want to be seduced or robbed on the very first date. No alcohol is allowed on the first discreet encounter with any lady, no matter how much you like or trust her. 

Rule 9. Use Google.

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No one will think that you are a paranoid if you begin to google the name and last name of your potential partner. Try to find her online and grab as much information as possible. For instance, you might find her workplace and check out whether she is married or not. The more facts you find about her, the better. If everything she says to you is true, thumbs up!

Rule 10. Utilize a trustworthy dating site.

If you want to find your love online, you would better check the reputation of a specific dating website you choose. For instance, you might seek feedback from previous users of a particular website. Make sure people leave good comments about it. If not, stay away from that platform because it might be a scam. 

Rule 11. Do not leave your personal items unattended.

You should always keep your belongings with you, even if you go to the bathroom. No way should you leave your phone and wallet with a stranger. Even if you feel like she has opened up and everything is fine, and the atmosphere is great, never leave your things unattended. 

Rule 12. Do not be afraid to leave.

If you feel that you dislike her or are shocked, do not push yourself to stay there. Trust your gut, and if you feel that there might be something wrong with her, you would better trust your intuition and go away. It is your life and you are responsible for it, first of all.    

Is it safer to date online?

Online dating is indeed a great way to date someone. Especially, it is very useful at the very beginning of your relationships. When you date online, you get to know another person better and you should not spend a lot of money on that. Moreover, online dating is a way out for those who are afraid to date in a traditional way with a stranger. It is 99% safer to date online rather than date in-person. If only you did not give your personal information to another person too early. For instance, you should never give your financial data to her, even if she is your bride. Leave it for the time when she puts a ring on your finger.

Can I fall in love with someone I meet online?

You might become friends with each other, but not more. It is perfect to get to know each other when you put your bodies in one room to feel the chemistry. Friendship is a good foundation for more mature relationships. Do not neglect the time you spend dating online because this is your chance to build a steady base for your relationships. Once you have managed to find a common language with each other, feel free to date face-to-face to get to know whether you want each other physically.  

How long should I message her online before moving on?

Ideally, just five messages are enough to begin to proceed with her. However, in some cases, you will need to message each other for a month. Once you successfully pass this period of time, you might begin to date online using video chat rooms. When you feel you have become good friends and understand each other properly, you should schedule a traditional date to make sure you want to proceed with each other. 

Can I fall in love with someone just by texting?

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It is possible to love someone whom you do not see. However, we still recommend having a series of tet-a-tet dating to make sure you are compatible at the chemistry level. Though online dating will immensely help you open up and build trust between each other, do not overdate online not to lose interest.

Final Remarks

Every encounter must be discreet and in most cases, it depends on you whether it is safe to date someone. If you feel that you do not want to stay with her in one room and she looks suspicious, you should never force yourself to wait until the end of the date. The sooner you notice red flags, the better for you and the faster you should literally run away. Especially, you should do it when it seems to be impossible to go away from her because she is so good at manipulating. However, good for you if you understand that at an early stage before it is too late.

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