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Your 2021 guide on Slavic brides

Slavic brides — who are they? Men from all over the world are discussing them nowadays and want to date and marry them no matter what. If you have heard they are beautiful and traditional and are now looking for Slavic brides to date, you should know this is not enough to understand them.

To understand who they are, you need a detailed guide instead of being bound by stereotypes. If you want to have a Slavic bride, read all the information below first, and who knows, you may not want to approach them after what you find out.

Where do the most stunning Slavic brides live?

Slavic brides are a very general notion and unite women from lots of countries. Slavic brides live not only in Ukraine or Russia, unlike many people think. They live in such countries as Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, and many others.

Looking for Slavic brides means starting your search from one of these destinations. If you wonder where the most stunning and beautiful Slavic brides live, there is no answer to that question. Everyone has his taste for women and prefers specific inner qualities, facial features, and other characteristics.

Undoubtedly, women in all of these countries are very beautiful and very different from each other. Russian women include so many folks that you cannot generalize them at all. Bulgarian ladies look pretty exotic compared to the rest of Slavic brides. The most stunning Slavic brides live where you like.

If you prefer women with a western mindset, then Slovenian, Slovakian, and Polish girls will be perfect for you. For those who like more traditional brides, Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian girls will be the most suitable. Everything depends on what you are looking for.

However, some features are distinguishing and make Slavic brides different from the rest of the world. Let’s try to figure out what exactly makes them so desired for men living in various corners of the world.

Beauty is not everything

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Without any doubt, Slavic beauty is amazing. However, you will hardly find at least one country on earth where there are no beautiful women, won’t you? There are lots of stunning American and Canadian girls, thousands of cute Chinese ladies, many hot African women, etc. Why are only Slavic brides so popular nowadays then?

There is something in their character that makes them special. They have unique abilities to be very feminine no matter what. Regardless of the circumstances, they strive for looking their best. Unlike lots of you believe, they do not wear miniskirts and high heels every day. They are normal people and wear casual clothes quite often. They do not put on tons of makeup when throwing garbage as well. These are rather old stereotypes.

These girls can shine because this is in their blood. No matter whether her hair is short or long, black or blonde, it will always be well-cared. They take care of their nails, hands, skin, hair, bodies, and everything that a woman should take care of.

Of course, there are women of different appearances and natural data in all of these countries. However, the way they present themselves in society is unique and amazing. They just have acquired these abilities and skills from their grannies and will give them to their daughters. Being well-cared for and looking feminine even when wearing sneakers and joggers is a must!

Slavic brides are not boring

Regardless of their countries, they are very smart, educated, and intelligent. Slavic brides are not shallow inside. Their inner world is rich and beautiful. If you want to have not only a beautiful cover by your side but a great friend and interlocutor, then welcome to Slavic countries where you can meet thousands of such women.

They can discuss any topic and be decent partners in everything. Watching a WBO match or a soccer game with her man is not a problem if he wants it. She will happily do it with you and maintain any topic you want to discuss. They never make you bored.

Do you know the situation when you have no communication with your girlfriend? When you date a Slavic bride, this will never happen. Only God knows how they find space for everything in their heads and are such interesting and active partners for their men. You do not even need buddies with such a girlfriend.

Do Slavic brides want to date foreigners?

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It depends. For example, if we speak about Slavic brides from Ukraine or Russia, only 15% of women desire to marry foreign men in these countries according to a survey. However, ladies from these countries make the biggest percentage of Slavic brides on all dating sites. Yes, all those women on the sites are that 15%.

Belarus is called the country of divorced women and a much higher percentage of Slavic brides in this country are willing to marry foreigners due to such a high divorce rate. Polish, Slovenian, Slovakian, and Bulgarian women happily date and marry foreign gentlemen because they live in the EU and their mentality is more western-like. One of their biggest advantages is that most of them speak fluent English and there is almost no language barrier between you and women from these countries.

They can combine a career and family

One of the reasons for western guys to choose Slavic brides is that they are very hardworking. This is true, women in all of these countries work very hard, get an education, several degrees, and create wonderful careers. They can be independent of their men, provide for themselves well, and afford lots of things.

At the same time, Slavic brides are never feministic and their families are always a priority. Even the most successful business lady can be a wonderful wife and mother for her children. Slavic brides can have time for everything — jobs, careers, home, husbands, children, and household.

When having a Slavic wife, you will never be hungry or untidy, she will always take care of you and how you look. Your kids will be very versatile because Slavic brides devote a lion’s share of time to their education.

They are wonderful leaders at work and obedient wives or equal partners at home. None of the women in the world have such a skill to combine everything and find time for everyone in her family. This is not all yet. Their personalities are versatile and they prefer leading an active way of life.

Along with their families and successful careers, they manage to do sports, travel, have multiple hobbies, and meet their friends. Would you like to have a wife who manages to do everything? Then pick a Slavic bride!

They want something from you though

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Don’t think everything is that easy. Slavic brides are wonderful and can match any man from any country. It doesn’t mean they have no expectations or requirements though. Of course, they do. And here is what they require from their husbands:

  1. Respect. She respects you and wants the same in return. If she gets it, you get much more in return.
  2. Care. Do not think that your Slavic bride will do everything for you while you do nothing for her. She must feel your love, care, and support. Only then she will give you everything mentioned above.
  3. Financial support. Yes, a Slavic bride can earn well and be independent but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t need you to be financially secure and support her. In Slavic culture, only you are a bread-winner and you must earn and provide for your woman and family even if your wife is successful enough. Successful women need self-sufficient men.
  4. Attention. Slavic women are queens. They shine like a diamond in your arms. However, they require your full attention and proof of it. Flowers and various surprises are a must for Slavic brides. If you want to have such a lady like her, conquer her. You can imagine the competition is quite high.
  5. No complaints. Slavic brides cannot stand complaining and constantly moaning guys. They consider them to be disgusting. If you are one of those who think the prices are too high and life is too complicated and keep telling it every day, be aware that you may fail quickly with a Slavic lady. A man must be a man, with no complaints and only actions.

Slavic brides are amazing but…

You should know that they live in a world that is a bit different from yours. Their mindset and mentality are not like those in the west, so you should not approach them with your western way of thinking. Slavic brides you could have met already are very traditional in all aspects of their lives. They have wonderful family values, good attitudes to their men, and put their relationships and families first always.

If you want to get all that from your woman, you should also act traditionally. Traditional men take care of their women, support them, and behave as gentlemen. They prefer actions over words. This is exactly what you should show to your Slavic bride — no words, just actions that prove you really like her and are ready to protect and support her always.

You must be patient with Slavic brides because of cultural differences and different mindsets. However, if you think it is too complicated, be sure of being paid off for your courtship, patience, and generosity the soonest. Once you express all that, you will be highly valued by your real Slavic bride.

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