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The must-know truth about mail order brides

Mail order brides have been widely discussed recently. They are some of the most popular females for western and Asian men. You can find hundreds of mail order brides’ sites proving that the demand is only growing with years.

However, what are those mail order brides, and are they easy to approach at all? Find out all the truth about them, how to date them, and whether mail-order brides are for you at all.

Who are they?

Many guys just wonder whether mail order brides are real. If that question arises in your head as well, here is the answer. Yes, they are real and they are looking for foreign husbands online.

However, mail order brides are not someone you can just order by mail, this is just a name that has nothing to do with the essence. They are real women, as a rule, Slavic girls looking for their men abroad.

Why are they doing it? Regardless of the beliefs that mail order brides want to leave their countries, they have other reasons for it about which you will find out below.

Why you may need to consider them

are mail order brides real

You know that most mail order brides come from post-Soviet countries. Do not think these countries have the biggest number of hunters for foreign men. Only 15% of ladies in these countries are willing to marry foreigners. For that purpose, they become mail-order brides and register on various dating sites.

It happens because the demographics don’t play for them — the number of females exceeds the number of males a lot. Thus, ladies in these countries need to look for their men elsewhere. This is the main reason for so many Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides on different sites.

However, this is just one reason for them to look for their husbands abroad. Some women have had a bad personal experience, difficult divorce, financial problems in their marriages, or even faced the problem of abuse. Naturally, they want to try happiness with men having a different mindset. 

Western guys are perfect in that aspect because they are different from local men with whom they had some gruesome experiences. For you, it might be a great chance to meet a nice lady and take her to your country and become the envy of the world! Below, you will find the reasons for picking a mail order bride.

You are not happy with women in your country

If you are not happy with girls in your country, considering marrying a mail order bride would be wise. As a rule, Ukrainian mail order brides are very different from females in the west. They are more family-oriented, traditional, and feminine.

These ladies are more obedient and appreciate their husbands. They are surely ready to relocate to your country and start a new life. You can choose those who speak English at least basically but many Russian mail order brides speak fluent English, so it won’t be a problem for you to communicate. After all, all sites offer professional translators who help you communicate at the early stages.

A lot of western gentlemen consider ladies in their areas to be too demanding, feministic, and career-oriented. Ukrainian and Russian women are different and although they can be very successful in their careers, they always put their families first.

Thus, if you do not have any luck with women in your country, welcome to a dating site to find a lady from another country.

You are too busy or shy to go out

Mail order brides search is perfect for those who lack the time or confidence for going out and meeting new girls. Registering on a dating site where you can meet real mail order brides won’t take much time and the benefit is that you don’t have to go out daily and put too much effort into the dating process.

You just sign up, create a profile, and browse a mail order brides’ catalogue. From time to time, you communicate with ladies and choose the best for your personal meeting. If you run your business and cannot socialize often, this option is perfect.

Those who have problems with communication with the opposite sex will find it much easier to join the site and communicate online. Mail order brides understand that the western mindset is different and ready to adjust to it. However, not all of them though.

Why real mail-order brides are not for you

mail-order brides

Apart from being perfect for western men, mail order brides from Russia and Ukraine may not be suitable for some foreign guys at all. Everything depends on your inner attitude to the situation and foreign women, in general.

If you believe that you can simply register on one of the mail-order brides’ sites and all of the best of them will be yours at once, we must disappoint you. This is not enough and you will need to realize that even online dating requires your effort.

You may not be ready for dating and marrying a mail-order bride in one of the following cases. Then it might be better for you to keep dating local ladies and forget about pursuing foreign brides at all.

You are not ready for distant relationships

As mentioned above, most mail order brides are Ukrainians or Russians. Sooner or later, you will meet your potential girlfriend and if you have a relationship, the distance will be an integral part of it. Your girlfriend won’t be able to come to your country right after the first meeting; this won’t be reasonable or enough for you to develop your relationship.

During the first year or a couple of them, you will need to travel to each other. Most likely, it will be you who will need to travel and pay all the expenses for her to meet you on neutral territory. You must realize that for a Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride, it won’t be easy to get a visa to your country. It means that long-distance relationships will be your biggest challenge for the first year or years. If you are not ready for it, better do not start your mail-order bride search.


Mail-order brides are not waiting for you around the corner, you can meet them only on specified dating sites. They are never free and you will need to be ready to pay a significant amount of your hardly earned money for your membership and communication.

Long trips and meetings are also not very cheap and you should realize that before starting your search. Remember that in Russian and Ukrainian culture, a man pays all the dating and traveling expenses, so her trips to meet you will be only under your responsibility.

After starting the visa process, you will need to hire a migration lawyer to speed up the process and it is not cheap as well. When your bride finally moves to your country, she will not be able to work for the first six months and you will need to arrange language courses for her, driving lessons, etc. Be ready for such expenses and being the only provider for your family.

Mail order brides scam

mail order brides catalogue

Unfortunately, online dating is always related to certain risks. Scammers are one of them. You should be ready to face scammers and be ready to spot them. Not all mail order brides are scammers but there are some terrible ones among them.

If you are afraid of being scammed, you should probably not start the process of mail order bride search. Online dating is always about a scam and not to get trapped, you should be able to spot the following red flags:

  • Your crush is writing to you about love in her letters. You should know that Ukrainian and Russian women are very cautious about communication via letters so that good and serious women never tell about their feelings until they meet you in person, especially if they have never seen you.
  • She doesn’t want to have a video call, only wants to write letters. You should realize the person behind the pictures is not who you think.
  • She is asking for money. No matter what she is asking for — visa, passport, tickets, solving her current problems, etc. An unknown lady who has dignity will never ask you to send her money. Beware of such women.

Complicated but worthy!

As you see, mail order bride search is related to a range of difficulties and challenges. Long-distance, expenses, language and cultural barriers, and scams might become big obstacles on your way to finding a nice and decent lady. However, you can see many testimonials and stories of success left by multiple happy couples who met this way.

If you are not afraid of difficulties and are confident in your strength enough, you should not give up and give it a try. After all, thousands of beautiful mail order brides are ready to date you and eventually, relocate to your country!

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