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How to spot a Ukrainian brides’ scam

We bet you have heard many things about brides from Ukraine and maybe even communicated with some of them with the purpose of dating and marriage. Many men have succeeded but lots of them have failed. You can come across so many posts about how great or how terrible Ukrainian brides are.

Which ones should you believe? The answer is very contradictory because both statements are true. You just need to know the truth about brides from Ukraine and how to spot a scammer and distinguish her from a genuine lady.

What are brides from Ukraine like

There are hundreds of stereotypes about Ukrainian brides and you probably have heard and read many of them. Some are true, others are false, but you need to know exactly what Russian and Ukrainian brides are like and how you should treat them to succeed.

Below, you will find some undeniable facts about them and some of their expectations. Do not think that Ukrainian brides are difficult to approach. You just need to know what they want and expect from you. Once you possess this information, you will be ready to act and succeed.

Beautiful and smart

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You have heard many times that Ukrainian women are extremely beautiful and this is true to some extent. There is no country in the world where you cannot find beautiful women though. Ukrainian brides are different. Some look like models, others have a casual appearance. You cannot say all ladies in Ukraine are exceptionally stunning.

Their secret is they have a unique sense of style and prefer being very feminine. Women in Ukraine take care of themselves and their appearances. Even if they are not rich and their income is average or small, they can afford to attend beauty salons, take care of their nails, hair, and skin.

They prefer wearing feminine and stylish clothes. Femininity is in their blood and it has been  inherited from their grannies and mothers. They know their value and how to look great. This feature is very attractive for western men while not so many women look so feminine, tender, and well-cared in their countries.

The combination of beauty and intelligence is amazing. Ukrainian brides strive for getting their best education no matter what and often have Masters and Doctoral degrees or even several degrees and diplomas. They read a lot and are very versatile. You will always find topics to discuss with a woman from that Slavic country and they know how not to make you bored. They have a unique ability to keep your interest.

Independent but not feministic

Another feature of all brides in Ukraine and Russia is their independence regardless of their femininity. Just hundreds of years ago they stayed at home while their husbands were the only bread-winners. Women took care of their households and created coziness at home.

Times have changed and modern Ukrainian brides prefer to work and have successful careers. They get a good education and earn for living themselves. Today, a bride from Ukraine is an independent and self-sufficient woman who can take care of herself.

It doesn’t mean they are feminists though unlike most ladies of the world. They are independent but prefer men to be breadwinners in their families still. Brides in Ukraine are not looking to be leaders and heads of the families. They are looking for strong and confident men who will take care of them and protect them no matter what.

In the aspect of family, Ukrainian brides are traditional and this is what attracts all western guys to them. They are strong and independent but at the same time, they have traditional family values and views on relationships.

They appreciate courtship

Brides in Ukraine are traditional not only in their family views but in dating as well. According to their dating culture, a man is the one to conquer and impress a lady. They will hardly be with a gentleman who cannot prove his interest and show enough attention.

You can often hear from a Ukrainian bride that she appreciates it when a man offers gifts at the stage of dating. Lots of guys are scared due to it and believe they are just gold-diggers. Of course, there are gold-diggers among them also, but it is not the case.

Ukrainian dating culture supposes a man to be the conqueror of his woman showing how much he likes and needs her. It doesn’t mean that you must buy expensive gifts for her. The gifts do not matter but your actions do.

She wants some generous actions from you and surprises. Flowers for an occasion and without it, chocolates, candle dinners, and just a bit of romance are a must. By the way, men are the ones to pay the dating bills in Ukraine, so get ready to forget about your western mentality for a while if you want to have a bride from Ukraine.

They cannot stand weak men

Western guys often wonder what it means when a bride from Ukraine says she is looking for a strong man. No, it doesn’t mean she is looking for a bodybuilder. You should not think so directly. By their nature, women in this country are very strong and they can easily cope with many life difficulties. Naturally, they want men who possess even stronger personalities. A woman must feel protected and only her man can give her that confidence.

It has nothing to do with your physical data. You must be confident enough to make important decisions and take responsibility for your actions, life, and your woman. They do not want to be a babysitter or mother for you but just to be your woman and partner.

If you enjoy complaining about life, prices, and many other things, you should forget about a bride from Ukraine. They see such guys miles ahead and avoid them because they do not have any wish to be your lifesavers daily.

How to spot a scammer in Ukraine

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The problem of Ukrainian brides scams is urgent and the more online dating is popular, the more creative scammers become. For a Ukrainian bride, it is very easy to trap you while they can be extremely charming and know how to impress you and not let you go.

As a rule, western men are charmed and flattered by the attention of an extremely hot and young Ukrainian bride and are ready to do everything for her. This is your biggest mistake because you must pay attention to obvious red flags and spot a scam at once.

Find out what the most popular scam scenes in 2020 are to never get into their trap!

You never see her on video

If you use a pay-per-letter site to meet your bride from Ukraine, you may communicate for months or even years without seeing her on video. This woman has a lot of excuses. For example, she has no time because of work or being a single mother, she has no internet or webcam and cannot come to her agency, she doesn’t have a laptop or her phone is very old, etc.

If you hear such stories, it means the person behind those pictures is not who you believe. The lady in the photos may not even know about you and has no idea someone is using her profile to make you spend your hard-earned money on letters.

Solution: you must ask for a video call the soonest after starting your communication! Make sure the woman is real and knows about your communication. However, another side of that problem is when a woman is online every day posing on a webcam.

A serious woman will never do that, especially, at night because she has a job and family. Most likely, this lady is just a model who gets money from the site for being on webcams daily.

She asks for money for her passport and visa to come to meet you

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First of all, you should never send money to someone you have never met in person. A true Ukrainian bride will hardly go to your country for the first meeting. She will prefer a meeting in her country due to her safety.

Solution: If she insists on coming to meet you, keep in mind a foreign passport in Ukraine costs around 20 USD, and any woman can afford it. Do not send any money to her and pay for the tickets yourself asking for the copy of her passport.

When meeting, she insists to arrange everything herself

Her care and support are much appreciated but when after exchanging contacts, your Ukrainian bride insists on meeting without the help of the agency, going to her restaurant, taking her taxi driver, and her friend as a translator, she might be a scammer.

Solution: All brides in Ukraine and Russia take care of their safety and know well that the help of the agency guarantees it. For your first meeting, accept the help of your online dating provider and arrange it with their translator and at the restaurant they pick for you. A scammer may even reject the meeting because of that. Of course, she needs her restaurant and taxi driver to rip you off.

There are a lot of scammers and their schemes are unbelievable. Remember that a young and beautiful woman will never write to you about her love in letters and want to come and see you the soonest. Before believing such fairy tales, ask yourself why she wants you and what you can offer to her!

Remember that in most cases, the scam victims were scammed only because of their blind desire to get a hot and beautiful young Ukrainian bride no matter what.

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